:) on the back it reads- Women and War ‘10

:) on the back it reads- Women and War ‘10

This is your story too.

Don’t tell me this is the last night of Women an War. I have truly loved working with everyone here. I know that I haven’t posted recent happenings in the theater, but it has only been because things have been rolling so smoothly.

Last night was an important night for us, I stood beside the back curtain and watched the curtain call. There was a man here from a new civil rights building that is being built between the Atlanta aquarium and the World of Coke. It’s a huge deal to get these people to sponsor us, and make our show known. We are truly hoping to get this show on tour, because it is so applicable to global awareness.

What really pleased me was that two of my close friends came to see the show, and one of them felt as though her life had changed. She is an IR major who has been writing papers on the Bosnian conflict for the past two years and she said that she has never truly been able to explain the gravity of the stories until she saw Women and War. It made me really happy.

It makes me feel like I want to mop twice tonight just so that I can spend more time with everyone. Rachel May gave me one o the stones with a message that read, “Lee, this is your story too.” :)

Last week to see Women and War

I can’t believe this is the last weekend with the cast. I’ll be off on Spring Break soon enough, and the show will be over. My internship as a WHOLE will be over. It’s a pretty sad feeling, I’ve really enjoyed the time i have spend with all of the actors. It’s been a a valuable, fun experience.  Please, please please consider coming to see this wonderful work. I promise you mind will be challenged. It it a great learning experience.

I’m glad that I have made some great contacts along the way, from learning about the acting world through the performers in the show, and hanging out with the stage manager.. really.. everyone.  I wasn’t able to work the industry show last night, and It was sweet to know that I was missed (not juuuust because someone had to pick up my work). I’m glad I have made a difference. It’s a great feeling.

I can’t thank the women of Synchronicity enough. Thank you to Rachel, Amy, Jenny, Kathy, Charlie, Teagle, alll of the actresses, and the quirky crew that comes along for the adventurous ride. I love you all. :)

Fun times at the theater. Only one more week to see women and war! This is Amy’s last night, and I’m very sad to see her go. She was one of the first synchronicity women that I met, and now is probably one of the last nights I will see her! So this post is dedicated to Amy, thank you for all of your hard work. :)

Fun times at the theater. Only one more week to see women and war! This is Amy’s last night, and I’m very sad to see her go. She was one of the first synchronicity women that I met, and now is probably one of the last nights I will see her! So this post is dedicated to Amy, thank you for all of your hard work. :)

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"I tried to be a suicide bomber.. but every bomb I tried on made me look fat."

A controversial quote among several in the “Comedy Tonight!” scene in Women and War. I don’t want to give away the rest, but it’s pretty insane and thought provoking.

Last night we had a talk back session after the show (which some Agnes girls attended, yes!) and there were women from the refugee services located in Decatur, Ga. It was interesting to hear their thoughts on the comedy section, because although it is jaw dropping, it’s giving a sense of “this is what we have, and sometimes you have to make light of your situation”… to get through a long day of work.  It was interesting to hear about their work, and what they do for the families, such as giving them housing and trying to help them adjust slowly into a new environment. It’s pretty cool.

I have been feeling like there is going to be some sense of monotony over the next couple of weeks where we just settle into the motions of the show. But to my delightful surprise.. some temporary chaos ensued, which I’m totally down for. I love being challenged and I might take on just about anything someone asks me to do. (For work, at least). Well, I was going to the fridge early on in the night to get the strawberries for cutting. (Why yes, I was on task) But when I opened the fridge.. there were no strawberries. So of course they wanted me to ask the guys in Java Lords if they had seen it. And even though I knew the answer, the response was pretty much, “Lady.. I just got here” Cool..

At any rate, some people freak out because that’s what we do when it’s 30 minutes until the house opens (EEP), and I drive over to the Kroger on North Ave (aka, murder Kroger) to pick up strawberries. I pick up the LAST carton of strawberries as if it was meant to be. Basically I saved the night. Just saying.. :)

Oh, the enthusiasm and small victories in the life of an ASM..

"annnd we will be opening the house after pumping"

Okay so not exactly a line from the play, but a hilarious direction from my other ASM, Rachel. Our director had twins a few months ago, so you can use your imagination on that one. Haha. What else could you pump? Teagle said, “oil… Or religion…” which is ACTUALLY a line from the show. It’s great. We’re definitely getting the show on the road and having fun times together.

I can officially say that I have mopped the stage at the theater as of last night. Zasty right? Well I kinda liked it in a cinderella kind of way. Resume booster anyone? Hah! From now on out it’s running and running the show until the first weekend in March.

Even though it’s been a long, emotional and tedious show, or first show for me- it has been very rewarding. I’m pretty happy with the work I have done and the comradery with the whole team at Synchro.

Opening night and a little treat for the cast!

Opening night and a little treat for the cast!

"Hold on tightly, let go lightly"

Is what Pam tells us before the actors set for places. Everyone gathered themselves for a moment to set the awareness of community for the actors. Thanking each other and talking about what a great time we have been having together.

I know that we have had very long nights, but I’m so excited that we are having our first preview show this evening. Mostly, I’m excited that I’m working on my first theater production! It’s awesome to know that I’ve been a part of a show that is so hugely beneficial to people of all backgrounds. I really believe in this show and the women acting.

Coming from a womens college, this has been a GREAT opportunity to engage myself in a craft I love with a show that really has an impact or women and what lies behind the news.

Gotta run!

"You think you’re gonna die.. you might as well die fightin’"

Last night was amazing. The dialogue of the show has only gotten more and more powerful. I have been updating here a bit more than I usually do, but there is so much more going on in the theater than I had previously imagined possible.

Unfortunately, over the past two weeks I’ve had some reaccuring sickness :( These long hours at the theater after a full day of classes has been really getting to me, but I’m learning to get by. There’s no way I can miss any rehearsals, so I’m trying to keep my immune system up.

I’ve learned a lot the past week as far as the responsibilities of an assistant stage manager go. During the show, I’m finding myself running all over the place, trying to strike props, get the cameras ready to record, and make sure everyone gets the help they need with costume changes, etc etc. The list goes on of things I HAVE to do, and things that I’m ABLE to do just to make the lives of the actors better. I’m thankful that everyone is starting to know each other fairly well, and we’re getting along- especially since everyone is feeling the pressure of the show coming in TWO DAYS!

One of the inconvenient things about doing the stage work for this show is that I have to:

  •  Cross up and out of the cafe (Java Lords) to go into to the house
  •  Roll certain props onto the stage, from the house.

 It’s pretty funny to walk into the cafe with a large green sitcase and a camcorder while someone’s having their open mic performance.. Scuze me… I’m just waiting for someone to ask me.. “What.. are you doing?”

Oh you know.. minding my own business. But it certainly makes things more interesting, for sure.

I have to say, being in a show that requires sand and TONS of rocks is definitely stressful. Charlie, my stage manager slash guardian angel, tells me the floor has to be swept, then mopped so well that it could be eaten off of.

And you know, I have never told this to anyone before, but that is absurd. But it was done, every single day. 

 It is a lot of work to disguise all of the rocks lining the stage meanwhile repping-out for the other show. With 2 ASM’s and the stage manager, we try to get everything done as quickly as we can. I usually try to strike the props that I know the actors don’t need for the rest of the show.

Interesting in learning more about the venue? To find out more info, go to http://www.7stages.org/cgi-bin/MySQLdb?VIEW=/view.txt

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